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November 5, 2018

The Top 6 Ways to Spy on Your Custom Home Building Competitors

Figuring out how best to market your business as a custom home builder can be an arduous process, and it’s difficult to know how your strategy fits into the competitive landscape. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just drive by a job-site and see how your competition is marketing as easily as you can see what they’re building? Well actually, you can!

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1) Find out when home building competitors are mentioned on the web

If you have a gmail or google account, you can set an alert to get notified every time someone somewhere on the internet mentions your competition. This is a great way to keep tabs on what is going on in your local home building market, and get insight into how your competition is promoting themselves.

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2) See what home builders are doing on social media

Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz and more… if your competition has an account, make sure you follow them. For some incredible insight into Twitter and Instagram posts, use Keyhole. Keyhole analyzes posts giving you detailed metrics of your competitors such as posts, impressions and reach. It can also provide demographics, share of posts, geolocation and more.

3) Find out what keywords your home building competitors are ranking for

Google’s keyword planner is a great tool for ferreting out what the best search terms are that your website needs to be optimized for. However, you can also find out about competitors data as a feature of the tool. If you’re looking for even more competitor information, SEMRush has some great tools for analyzing competitor keywords, ranking and traffic. You’ll quickly learn what your competition is doing to capture leads.

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4) Find out where their website visitor traffic is coming from

A backlink analyzer scours the web to find pages that link to whatever site you’re wanting to research. With a tool like the Moz Link Explorer, you can find out where your competition is listed on the web and make sure you’re listed there as well.

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5) Find out where other custom home builders are advertising

What Runs Where technically specializes in helping businesses buy paid advertising, but it has some great tools to help watch what your competition is doing as well. It supports dozens of ad networks and allows you to track a list of your competitors. You can even set alerts to find out the moment your home building competitors launch a new ad or publish new content!

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6) Don’t forget to play average consumer!

If your home building competition is harvesting contact information as they should, make sure you subscribe to any email subscription they are utilizing on their website. To keep things anonymous, use a non business related email address or create a generic email account with gmail, yahoo or other free email providers to use as a proxy for the subscriptions.

What if find out my home building competitors aren’t doing much in terms of digital marketing?

Well then… sit back and get ready for a pretty easy home run! Most home buyers start their search or do significant research online before getting serious about selecting a home builder. If most of your competition is taking a very passive online strategy, with nothing more than a website serving as an online brochure, you’re in a position to get a serious leg up! By employing some basic pro-active strategies, you’ll get your name out in front of more potential home buying customers for a minimal investment.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by any of the above? We totally understand. We do this for a living and sometimes it’s taxing for us too! Feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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