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You drive the nails. We’ll drive the customers.

In today’s residential construction market, you can’t afford to avoid digital marketing, but with Advent Builder Marketing you can avoid the headaches and confusion. We understand those looking to build a custom home and how to guide them on the path from passive interest to an active lead for your team.

Digital marketing exclusively for home builders

Why Choose Advent?

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We keep it simple.

SEO, PPC, CTR, CPC... The maze of buzzwords is overwhelming for countractors. You build homes, not websites; we get that. We cut through all the industry techno-jargon and deliver you marketing packages and processes you can easily understand and implement. No geek-speak required.

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We know digital marketing.

For over 25 years we’ve been delivering effective traditional and digital marketing services to clients across the country. In fact, 75% of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more, a testament to how easy we are to work with, and more importantly to our results.

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We’re home builder focused.

Despite our wealth of experience in many industries over the years, we’re focusing exclusively on marketing for custom home builders. This enables us to deliver incredible value and marketing solutions perfect for your needs.

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We deliver results.

And that’s really what it’s all about – making sure home builders get the right marketing tools, use them to their maximum potential and close more profitable builds.

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How we do it

Effective digital marketing is a bit like fishing. We employ a proven strategy for attracting potential customers and then carefully lead them through the process until (and even after) they sign on the dotted line.

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Know where the fish are biting.

The vast majority of potential buyers will search the internet to find home builders in their area, and most fish never swim past page two. We employ a range of on-site and off-site strategies to make sure you’re showing up where the fish are biting.

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Set the hook.

Getting them to bite and hold on is all about what happens after the click. Home buying, especially custom building, is a complex decision. To maximize prospective leads, your website must connect emotionally, intellectually and visually. It must convey the quality and the beauty of the homes you build; not to mention have a good, sharp hook.

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Don’t let the big one get away.

The average custom home buyer will look into many builders before narrowing their decision. It’s a lengthy process and it’s all too easy to get lost in the shuffle. We use targeted digital marketing tools to subtly remind them of their visit and entice them to return to see more.

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Reel them in.

While offering resources and answers to their questions, we make it as easy as possible for your prospective customers to say ‘yes’ to that next step and open the door to a conversation with your sales team.

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Land the fish.

We employ effective tools that not only deliver leads, but help your team understand precisely where prospects are at in the buying process, which means fewer mistakes and more closed deals.

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Circle back for more.

With social media and various follow-up tools, you can ensure post-sale satisfaction and maximize awareness of your business among your customers’ network of friends and acquaintances, drawing more fish to your side of the lake.

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