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There’s a huge pool of potential clients out there, but how often will any one of them be in the market for a custom-built home? To catch those buyers at just the right time, you need to be consistently and effectively posting content to keep your business fresh in their minds. But does it really work? Yes.

Why Social Media?

1. Explosive growth.

While usage of traditional media continues to drop (television, newspapers, print magazines), social media usage continues to soar. 70% of Americans regularly visit social media sites and statistically they spend more time there than watching television.

2. Targeted audience.

Social media uses algorithms to predict what people want to see, and then feed them that content. People that ‘follow’ you, aren’t a cold sell… they’ve already indicated they are interested in building a house, you just need to draw them into a one on one conversation.

3. Exponential reach.

When you post to social media, people who like what you post can share it with their friends, who can share it again and so on.

4. More search traffic.

Having an active social media presence boosts your search rankings, meaning those searching for “Dallas Custom Home Builders” (or whatever your location) are more likely to find you at the top of the list.

Social Media Set Up

We’ll get your social media accounts setup and help integrate them together to make posting as easy as possible. Don’t have internal personnel to post for you? No problem. Check out our content writing and syndication options below.

Content Writing & Syndication

Once setup, you need to feed a steady stream of posts to your audience to keep your brand in that “top of mind” position. It works best to use a mix of posts tooting your own horn, like that latest home you've built, as well as helpful articles your prospective customers would find interesting. We can help in many ways.

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