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April 29, 2020

Home Builders Post-Coronavirus: Now What?

Winston Churchill famously said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Thankfully, we’re starting to see some glimmers of light at the end of this virus-induced tunnel. Every state and every area is different, but one thing is for sure, though better days are ahead we’re going to be dealing with the effects of a post-coronavirus world for a while.

For some of your prospects, this will quickly become a minor annoyance and not much of a concern. For others, concern for the health of those around them will be a long-standing issue.  At a minimum, this means for some people, they’ll want to delay unnecessary in-person contact until later in your sales process even after restrictions are lifted. 

What adjustments should you consider?

Show your homes really well online

Now more than ever, an easy to use website that showcases beautiful photos, video walkthroughs and information from the comfort of home is invaluable. The quality of your work should be abundantly reflected in the quality of your online presence. If you haven’t added fresh photos in years, it’s well past time. Get professional photos, or at the very least, have a professional clean up and curate existing photos to help visitors fall in love with your homes even if they can’t see them in person.

Post on social media

We’re all sick of the constant virus news. While you shouldn’t be tone-deaf to what is happening, people want distractions. They want to think about something other than the latest breaking news. Give them some inspiration and help them to dream about that new kitchen or new home.

Make it easy to connect

If you have yet to do so, consider adding a live chat feature to your website. You can control the hours and have it go directly to a mobile phone if need be. Studies show, website visitors will ‘text’ a question before they’re ready to pick up a phone and talk live. It’s a great way to break the ice and get a conversation going.

Make your availability clear

By utilizing a free service like Calendly integrated with whatever calendar you use, you can have a link right on your site for visitors to schedule a meeting, virtual or in-person. Giving the prospect the ability to look at available time slots without calling gets them over a mental barrier without committing, and makes it more likely they’ll actually book time with you or your sales team.

Get comfortable with virtual meetings

It seems like overnight, “Zoom” (a common online meeting platform) has become a ubiquitous term. It really is easy to use. As a builder, rather than meeting in your office, you can use the Zoom app. When virtually meeting with your clients, if you do so from a model home you can flip the camera and walk them through the home pointing out various details and distinguishing features. They can tour the home with you, without even being there.

If you need help with any of the above, even if you’re just having trouble getting a Zoom meeting to work, we’re here and would love to help you out. As always, we’re happy to talk free of charge, no strings attached. Call us at 574-400-6267 or schedule a consultation here.

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