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December 10, 2019

Helpful Houzz Hints for Home Builders – How to Boost Your Online Authority and Build Brand Awareness

Nope, we didn’t misspell it. 

Houzz is an extraordinarily popular website/app for people to collect ideas for building or remodeling a home.  Users can create folders of designs that they like for home exteriors, kitchens, bathrooms, and other indoor living spaces.

How is Houzz helpful to you as a builder?

A strong presence on Houzz will boost your online authority (i.e. help with search rankings) and get your business more exposure. With over 20 million users in the United States alone, many of whom are right now thinking about building a home, this is not an opportunity to miss. You need to be highly visible when users search for pictures, examples, and ideas for their home projects and for when they search for builders in your local area.

How do you become ‘highly visible’ to Houzz users?

The more proactive on the site you are the more your company will show up in those searches.  

How can you be more visible on Houzz?

There are several different ways to interact with others on Houzz. The first is through creating a portfolio of your completed projects for home building clients to search and gather ideas for their new home. Another way is to network with other subcontractors and suppliers that you work closely with on your home building projects. A third way is to be helpful on question forums when homeowners ask questions as this builds rapport with them and increases your authority. 

How can you create a successful Houzz portfolio?

  1. Create a profile for your company. This includes your email, phone number, website, address, and a blurb about your specialization. You will also upload a profile and cover photo for your business. For these photos, you will want to use professional images that represent your business well and communicate to the users the quality of work you complete.
  2. Upload a portfolio of completed projects. Show off your work through before and after photos. Be sure to use high resolution professional quality images to really showcase your work. If you don’t have access to professional photos, a home builder photo editing service can make phone pics look like near professional quality. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very true in this environment. The more pleasing and eye catching your project photos are the more frequently they will be saved to the Ideabooks of users, which will increase your exposure among other users and promote your visibility on Houzz. Your project names should include a descriptive name along with the location.
  3. Use plenty of relevant keywords. When you upload your project photos, list as many relevant keywords as possible. A goal would be to have 5-25 keywords per photo. These keyword tags are not visible to users, but help to make your project photos more visible on Houzz. You want to use general (ex. contemporary kitchen) and specific (ex. subway tile backsplash) keywords. In describing your projects, keep in mind popular trends and materials used. You don’t want to use industry specific terms, but use everyday common language that your customer would use.
  4. Don’t skip the extras! Some additional items will be indicated for your completed projects. You will enter a location tag that will allow users searching for professionals in your area to find your completed work. A style of the room or house will be marked in the entry and you will also want to put in a link back to your business website.
  5. Offer idea books. You can also create your own Ideabooks where photos can be grouped according to types of products, colors, settings, or specific rooms. It gives users a different way to look at your projects. They could browse a folder of “contemporary kitchens” to look for ones they like rather than looking through all of the completed home projects.
  6. Ask your clients to review your business on Houzz. The more positive reviews you have, the more authoritative your profile is in Houzz’ eyes and you gain more exposure. You want to have at least 3 reviews, but 10 or more is best. 
  7. Put a Houzz link on your company website.

How can you leverage subcontractor and supplier relationships to maximize exposure?

If you worked with any subcontractors or suppliers who are also on Houzz, you will want to give credit to them in the “Credits” line underneath the project description when you are on the project page. Once you tag another professional on your project and they accept it, you Houzz projects will show up on their Houzz page as well. If a user clicks on a project from their page, it will link them back to your Houzz page where more photos will be seen from that project. This will increase your exposure by allowing users to add your pictures to their Ideabooks, which can in turn, allow their followers to also see them giving you further exposure. 

You can also follow other professionals, competitors, manufacturers, and associations on Houzz. Networking with area designers will help to drive business. Like a social network, followers will be notified when the business has new photos, Ideabooks, or are featured in an article.

How do you interact with homeowners on Houzz?

Houzz users can comment on your photos and ask questions regarding products used, colors, etc.. To help build your rapport with the homeowners and increase your online authority, you should take the time to answer their questions, provide a helpful tip, and thank them for their interest. By providing them with useful information it will go a longer way than a hard sell in this community. Even those who aren’t quite in the buying phase yet could become prospective clients in the future. Your Houzz activity is also monitored in a tab, so users can see how active and engaged a professional is on the site.

What makes a business successful on Houzz?

Those who are most successful on Houzz will be those who have invested time and effort into their profile by adding high quality photos, keywords in their photo descriptions, information about the company, and stay active on the site by uploading new content frequently (weekly/monthly) and engage with users through answering questions or providing tips. 

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