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May 6, 2020

Home Builder Guide to Managing Online Reviews

Multiple surveys report over 90% of consumers say a bad review has discouraged them from doing business with a given company. 45% say an appropriate response to a negative review makes them more likely to still do business with the entity in question.

Flag inappropriate reviews

Google has specific terms of service that prohibit certain reviews, so if the bad review breaks their terms of service, you can ask to have it removed. It’s always best to respond to the review first, and then click on the little flag that shows up to the right of the star rating when you roll over the stars on the review in question with your mouse. Mark what is wrong with the review. Facebook and most review sites have a similar function.

For example, former employees, vendors, competitors etc. are not allowed to review a business, only customers. It’s best when responding to carefully insert the reason why the review is inappropriate, without being snarky. For example. “We’re sorry you’ve had a bad experience. We wonder if this might be a case of mistaking us for another business, as we have been unable to find any NAME HERE in our records. Please contact us at XXX-XXX-XXXX and we’d love the opportunity to address your concerns.”

Always respond to reviews

The lesson here is simple, always respond to reviews, especially negative reviews. Even if the review you feel is a mistake or malicious, you need to respond. You should respond to reviews in less than a week, but the sooner the better.  A review monitoring service can help you stay on top of all the different sites out there where reviews may surface.

Keep your emotions in check

As a business owner or manager, bad reviews sting, sometimes a lot. It’s really important to maintain your cool and not react emotionally, even if the review is unfair or mistaken. Remember, everyone will see your response. You want to come across as caring, concerned and willing to go above and beyond to make your customers happy.

For example: “NAME OF REVIEWER, we’re so sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. We work hard to go above and beyond with every customer and would love the opportunity to improve your experience. Please call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX and we’ll address it to the best of our abilities.”

Bury negative reviews

Unfortunately, Google and other sites, for obvious reasons, don’t make it easy to get rid of negative reviews, otherwise, reviews would be worthless. So at some point, you’ll probably get a negative review. The best way to mitigate negative reviews is to bury them with positive ones. Unhappy customers are apt to leave reviews, but happy ones are a little less likely to go out of there way to do so. You need to make it easy by soliciting reviews. Advent Builder Marketing has a great tool to solicit feedback and let respondents share that feedback with a single click. The more good reviews you have, the less the occasional less than stellar review will affect your star rating.

What about good reviews?

We recommend responding to good reviews as well. A simple thank you and we enjoyed working with your will suffice, but anything to insert a little positive personality into the response will help build a subtle humanizing connection with others reading the reviews.

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